The Girl Who Played with Fire

Lisbeth Salander returns to Sweden after a prolonged stay abroad.
Meanwhile, Mikael Blomkvist at Millennium got hot news. The journalist Dag Svensson and his girlfriend Mia Bergman can prove revealing facts about an extensive sex trafficking between Eastern Europe and Sweden, where many of the people implicated in trafficking scandal have high-ranking positions in society.
But then Dag and Mia got murdered and when even the lawyer Nils Bjurman was murdered the suspicions lead directly on Lisbeth Salander. Salander decides to come to terms with the past once and for all. She will punish those who deserve to be punished, one of which happens to be her own father: Alexander Zalachenko. When Mikael Blomkvist finds out that Salander is suspected of a triple murder, he decides to try to find out the truth about who really is to blame.