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Do you long to see a really good black comedy? Then you should go and see ... and then you die at the Playhouse Theatre. The play is written by Mark Roberts (who among other things wrote the sitcom Two and a Half Men) and that he works with sitcoms is also noticeable at the theater. For this, put it on a rap dialogue that has plenty of lovely one-liners. The entire first act goes in a furious pace and is completely free from dead passages. Yes, it actually feels like you are sitting on a sit-com theater and the show literally "Recorded in front of a live audience."

In the center of the story stands Rallis (Thomas Hedengran) whose marriage to Susie (Pia Oscarsson) gone on the backburner for long. Now Susie broke up and Rallis is trying, in turn, without any success, an end to itself. The couple's friend Kennie, phenomenally played by Donald Högberg, comes to the rescue and, in the second act also pops Sussies manager Maggie (Christina Rådström) up to give the troubled couple a handle.

It is a drama with distinct characters that also contains several unexpected twists and turns, all under Elizabeth Klason responsive management. It is also a piece of theater that allows supporting roles at the center. The friend Kennie, Donald Högberg is a prime mover in the first act (and Högberg act!). And the second act belongs inevitably Maggie, a woman teetering on the brink of insanity fragile border who Kristina Rådström interpreters just wonderful.

Joachim Siegård, who translated the play, is he worth a special mention. It is an art in itself to get to the correct flow of the text, and most especially when it comes to comedy.

It's fun to Playhouse Theatre as consistently working to put up contemporary American drama. The scales have its own niche and it should be rewarded - especially when the result is as good as this one! One can not directly say that it abounds with good comedies on the Swedish scenes. Therefore, you are asked to book a ticket this instant if you belong to those who need cheering up into the darkness!

Stage: Playhouse Theatre
... and then you die
By: Mark Roberts
Director: Elizabeth Clason
Contributors: Thomas Hedengran, Donald Högberg, Pia Oscarsson, Kristina Rådström
Production design: Helena Owl
Light: Kevin Wyn-Jones
Sound Design: Daniel Douhan
Costumes: Jessica Clayton
Translation: Joachim Siegård